Heartland is a great company to partner with, whether you are interested in a career or working with a Payroll Specialist to refer your clients too. 

A career with Heartland is easiest when you have a background in Banking, Human Resources, Payroll, Sales, Bookkeeping/CPA, or Insurance. You already have a network built which is a great jump off point. Their unique compensation structure allows you to define how much you make and how you make it. Inquire with me on current openings you might be suited for. 

Partnering with Heartland is a fantastic option since we become a tool for you to help stop attrition of your client base to our competitors.

  • Are you an insurance broker who has lost policies when Paychex claims your client payroll, and up-sells the Worker’s Comp policy for Pay-as-you-Go?  
  • Are you a Retirement Services Advisor who has lost lucrative retirement fund accounts when ADP sells them on a new one with their payroll?   
  • Are you a CPA who is tired of doing payroll, but doesn’t have a partner who will care for his clients like you would? 

Always a partner, NEVER a competitor, Heartland Payroll will incorporate your policies into our payroll with you remaining the Broker/Advisor of Record, and we do the leg work. 


“You could have a great partnership with Me!”
Are you an influencer? Do you have a network that enables you to build relationships based upon trust, and make recommendations on quality products. Is Sales your middle name? There are so many ways you could get compensated for that! Or, maybe you want to know more about how to become a Heartland Rep and build your own business?