Heartland’s motto is Entrepreneurs Respectfully Serving Entrepreneurs. They really invest in developing their products and their sales force. Products are highly functional, well developed, and secure. The sales force is highly trained, honest, and invested in helping their clients grow.

Heartland also has other product offerings a client might need in addition to their payroll.

  • No middle man, Heartland is one of the top 3 Direct Credit Card Processor Merchant Services in the world. We eliminate banks and resellers and their fees.
  • Commercial Lending; Heartland has lending relationships that might enable you to get loans, even when your bank won’t. 
  • Heartland can manage all of your e-commerce needs including shopping cart and online billing allowing payments such as credit card, gift card, and ACH payments.
  • Heartland offers point-of-sales solutions for retail restaurants and service professionals.


REDEFINE HOW YOU DO BUSINESS We’re proud of the work we do!  From Payroll to Payment processing, to enterprise quality solutions in security, technology and marketing, we are committed to your company’s success.